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Microgaming Casino Jackpots

Some of the biggest online jackpots are now available from casino software giant Microgaming. With incredible slots games that feed into large progressive pots, players have a chance to win millions of dollars in a single game. You can also win big at HomePoker the best Canadian games and poker rooms. There you can join in on the amazing poker community and start strategizing to win and get rich in a very few rounds.

Popular Slots Jackpots

Microgaming is known for their top of the line slots and video poker games. Players can try their luck at building the best poker hands using wide betting ranges. Players can win several hundred dollars in just seconds. Several of Microgaming's slots evoke the traditional feel of old Vegas with classic designs and familiar symbols. The Fruit Fiesta slots game, for instance, features the apples, oranges, and cherries that players have come to identify with slot machines. The stakes for this game are relatively low, but the Online Jackpot for this game can climb up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Progressive Jackpots

If thousands of dollars are not enough, there are always Microgaming's incredibly popular progressive jackpots. Players in many different games around the world contribute to these pots, allowing the payouts to climb into the millions in just a matter of days. As more players contribute, even more want to get in on the action. The pots continue to grow until one lucky player wins it all. Then the pot resets and begins to grow all over again. These sorts of progressive pots are only available for online players, so players should be on the lookout for the opportunity to play.

With Microgaming's generous online jackpots, players can change their lives with a single bet. Whether they play traditional slots, video poker, or get in on the progressive action, the winnings are there and ready for the taking.